Injectable biologics are growing to focus on small batches of more personalized medicines. Wildlife Pharmaceuticals accepted this change and needed an aseptic manufacturing system that provided flexibility and agility, where there is a possibility of filling vials, syringes and cartridges with a fast change over to ensure continuous production.

Who is Wildlife Pharmaceuticals?

Wildlife Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd is a manufacturing company based in South Africa which specializes in niche, small batch, and regulated medicines. Established in 1997, and born from a passion to research, develop, manufacture and register products dedicated to the wildlife veterinarian, they deliver tested products of the highest quality.

Wildlife Pharmaceuticals products are generally of such high concentrations that they are relatively dangerous to humans, and critical safety aspects need to be considered.

The decision process

Taking the shift to small batches of more personalized medicines into consideration, Wildlife Pharmaceuticals opted for a small, highly specialized and controlled facility to specifically address their needs. They chose the SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell. After close collaboration, daily adjustments and sessions of discussions around some minor points, and several site visits later, Wildlife Pharmaceuticals ended up with a facility and Workcell they are proud of.

Both Wildlife Pharmaceuticals and Vanrx share the same vision and passion about the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Customer testimonial

“Utilizing pre-sterilized, ready-to-fill nested vials, full robotic manufacturing and incorporating automation in process controls and environmental monitoring, brought an answer to all our requirements. Once-off use of the entire filling line, including the needle, nullified the risk of cross contamination. The user-friendly interface makes the machine an absolute pleasure to work with. It empowered us with flexibility and agility in small batch aseptic manufacturing, even when working with dangerous substances.”

“Our research teams have not been holding back either. Our molecular team obtained the license to patented slow release technology, enabling us to administer medicines only once to wildlife with a longer duration of effect. They completed training in the USA and are busy full-time with exciting new products.”


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