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Aseptic filling for viral vector therapies

January 29, 2018 - Blog, Featured

With recent FDA approvals, gene therapies and other personalized medicines delivered using viral vectors are a hot topic. Viruses have the ability to reach cells without detection and enabling the therapeutic “payload” to pass through the cell’s walls. These are targeted therapies, sometimes described as “cruise missiles for (insert disease name here).”

Multiplexing sterile injectables manufacturing

June 5, 2017 - Blog, Featured

It's the movie multiplex applied to pharma manufacturing, with flexibility, speed to market and market entry benefits. When operations are sized for smaller units of production using flexible technologies, and then duplicated, a less expensive, more adaptable model emerges.

Faster to market: Aseptic filling in prefabricated cleanrooms

January 25, 2017 - Blog, Featured

Speed, flexibility, and scalability: the three key manufacturing metrics for successful pharmaceutical companies over the next 10 years. In this collaborative article with G-CON Manufacturing, read about the integration process and benefits of combining Aseptic Filling Workcells with modular cleanrooms.

Comment on NY Times article on drug rationing

January 29, 2016 - Blog

Looking at the reader comments from the recent New York Times article “Drug shortages forcing hard decisions on rationing treatments,” you see the frustration and anger of both medical practitioners and patients. Clinicians forced to make ethical decisions about who gets medicine. Patients that are getting less than optimal outcomes because of reduced dosing.