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Aseptic filling is a crucial manufacturing step, but too often a source of headaches.

Can you turn aseptic filling into a competitive advantage? With the right choices, your manufacturing operations can reduce your operating costs and get your products to patients faster.

Why choose Vanrx?

Vanrx is different. We exist because the production technologies of the past are not suitable for today’s complex therapeutics.

Companies choose Vanrx because we have gotten aseptic filling right. Our technology was developed to meet the needs of producing targeted biologics. We took robotic concepts from semiconductor manufacturing and combined them with our knowledge from running biologics manufacturing operations.

If you are from Big Pharma, you can look to an example like Roche / Genentech. If you’re a CDMO making advanced therapies, FUJIFILM Diosynth may be one of your peers. If you’re looking to modernize your operations for commercial drug products, Emergent BioSolutions provides an in-depth case study.

Our ideas

Our ideas

How do you build an aseptic filling operation and get it right?

Our ideas

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From the Vanrx Walk of Fame

“If you’re not using the [Vanrx] Microcell technology, you’re going to fall behind in the market.”

Greg Merril
CEO, Adaptive Phage Therapeutics

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