Primary packaging Product Sets help drug products get to market faster
Matrix Alliance Product Sets announcement for pharmaceutical primary packaging

Container-closure-filling machine Product Sets accelerate drug products to market

February 6, 2018 - Blog, Matrix Alliance

You’re leading a project to build new aseptic filling capacity. There are hundreds of problems to solve, and it is up to you and your team to sort out everything from the facility design to the product labelling.  No wonder projects finish late and over budget!

Your selection and sourcing of your primary packaging is a key task.

Vanrx is collaborating with leading primary packaging companies to make your task easier, thus helping our common customers, the pharmaceutical companies, bring drug products to market faster.

In 2016, ARaymondlife, Daikyo Seiko, Datwyler, Ompi, SCHOTT, SCHOTT KAISHA and Vanrx formed the Matrix Alliance. Together, the companies collaborate on the design and compatibility of primary packaging containers (vials / syringes / cartridges) and closures (press-fit caps, stoppers, plungers) in nested, ready-to-use formats.

Vanrx verifies that the combination of container and closure from different Matrix Alliance members meet machinability and compatibility requirements when processed through its robotic Aseptic Filling Workcells. After this testing work is done, the participating companies verify a “Product Set.”

A Product Set is a statement from the participating companies that the combination of specific containers and closures forms a high-performance primary packaging solution when filled and closed in a Workcell. All of the components in a Product Set must be commercially available for human use, with data available for the customer to understand their combined performance.

With this knowledge, you, the customer, can proceed with confidence, free of the problem-solving and surprises that sometimes occur during FAT and subsequent validation activities. Put simply, the Alliance’s collaboration helps bring new drug products to market faster.

For example, Vanrx recently made joint announcements for vial Product Sets, involving combinations of  SCHOTT’s adaqtiQ® vials and ARaymondlife’s RayDyLyo® press-fit closures, and Ompi’s EZ-fill® vials with Daikyo Seiko’s PLASCAP® press-fit closures.

Additionally, choosing ready-to-use containers and closures to be aseptically filled in Vanrx’s gloveless robotic isolators supports the  speed to market of your future products. Products can be brought online without purchasing a different aseptic filling machine, since a Workcell can handle all types of containers and closures, as long as they’re nested. Members of the Alliance are working to provide a full range of commonly used vial sizes, while nested syringes and cartridges are already widely available.

If you’re starting a project, get in touch with Vanrx, and we can connect you with our experts and the primary packaging expertise of our Matrix Alliance partners.

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Vanrx has recently announced Product Sets with its partners in the Matrix Alliance. Learn more by reading these news articles:

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