Vanrx Aseptic Filling Machines help biopharmaceutical manufacturers reduce risks in making gene therapies.

Aseptic filling technology for gene therapies

Gene therapy developers have a lot on their plate. You are creating an entirely new process to manufacture complex drug products for unmet medical needs. Vanrx’s Aseptic Filling Workcells help you close your process from end-to-end and reduce risks in making gene therapies.

Who uses Vanrx aseptic filling machines?

Leading biopharma companies using Vanrx Aseptic Filling Workcells include ADMA Biologics, Amgen, Emergent BioSolutions, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, Roche / Genentech, Moderna, Singota Solutions, WuXi Biologics, and Wildlife Pharmaceuticals.

Vanrx aseptic filling workcells are designed to reduce the risks of gene therapy filling by designing out all sources of human intervention.

Reduced risk

Vanrx’s SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell and Microcell Vial Filler have both been designed to reduce the risks of gene therapy filling. The advanced automation of these systems designs out sources of human interventions in conventional systems, allowing them to be completely closed with no glove ports. 

With Vanrx, customers are able to completely close their process from end-to-end and achieve the highest levels of quality and safety. In fact, gene therapy CDMO FUJIFILM Diosynth graded the SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell far above the alternatives because of various factors, including the hazard contact pathway (only through the flowpath and into the vial) and the use of press-fit vial closures with integrated stoppers.

Vanrx Workcells are standardized to support the scalability of gene therapies.


Vanrx Workcells can support the scalability of gene therapies from hundreds of units while in development, through thousands in commercialization. Workcells are standard units, allowing machines to be built, installed and validated faster than conventional technologies. This reduces costs and increases the speed of scaling out. When your drugs are life-changing, the ability to quickly increase capacity becomes even more critical.

The Vanrx Dynamic Peristaltic Pump provides fast and accurate filling to make manufacturing gene therapies easier.

Minimal product loss

The manufacturing of a gene therapy is as challenging as it gets. Yet we make it easier. Our machines are now fitted with the Vanrx Dynamic Peristaltic Pump for faster, more accurate filling.  Combine the pump with our fully robotic process and variability is further reduced, resulting in as close to zero product loss as is currently possible.