2018 Pharma Innovation Award presented to Vanrx Microcell
Pharma Innovation Awards winner from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing magazine. The Vanrx Microcell Vial Filler won a Pharma Innovation Award for its contribution to speed to market for new biologics and cell & gene therapies.

Vanrx Microcell wins Pharma Manufacturing Innovation Award

August 13, 2018 - Article, Featured, Innovation

Vanrx Pharmasystems’ Microcell Vial Filler was hand-picked by industry magazine Pharmaceutical Manufacturing for a 2018 Pharma Innovation Award. This is the second award presented in 2018 to the Microcell Vial Filler, following its Interphex ‘Best in show’ award in April.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: 2018 Pharma Innovation Awards
Chief Content Director: Karen Langhauser (Twitter: @PharmaMfg) 

The 2018 Pharma Innovation Awards recognize “companies that have distinguished themselves as leaders in pharma equipment innovation.” In the category of Bioprocessing, the Microcell was recognized for “encompassing the broad range of equipment technologies needed to maintain a sterile, streamlined reaction from the lab to the plant floor.” 

The Microcell vial Filler was also acknowledged for bridging the gap between the difficulty in manufacturing modern therapies and the need to bring products to market faster. The article highlights many strengths of the Microcell, including agility, flexibility, compact size, and aseptic assurance. 


“Small but mighty (under 6’ wide and just over 7’ high), the compact unit is extremely agile, giving operators the ability to fill up to four products in a single day. As a gloveless isolator, the unit eliminates operator error and shields them from contact with potentially dangerous drug products. By providing cost-effective, flexible filling capacity, the isolator has the potential to help drugmakers bring drug products to market faster.” 

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