Making it easy to grow filling operations

Vanrx has created partnerships that make it easier to build and certify a complete, highly integrated pharmaceutical filling operation. Nested pharmaceutical packaging helps bring drug products to market faster.

The Matrix Alliance for nested containers and closures

Next-generation drugs require perfectly aligned manufacturing processes and packaging solutions. This led Vanrx to join with ARaymond Life, Daikyo Seiko, Datwyler Group, Ompi, Schott AG, and Schott Kaisha to form the Matrix Alliance.

The Alliance’s mission is to bring to market complete and compelling solutions for pharmaceutical packaging to the market. These include nested vials, syringes, cartridges, stoppers and caps, and filling machinery.

Matrix Alliance partner companies

Certainty of performance and compatibility

Pharmaceutical companies require greater certainty in the performance and compatibility of components. With greater certainty, new products or added production capacity can reach the market faster.

Matrix Alliance members collaborate in four key areas:

  • Testing of new pre-sterilized container and nested closure systems for parenteral (injectable) medicines;
  • Ensuring the compatibility of components from different members;
  • Driving industry awareness of those solutions;
  • Collaborating on industry education regarding new medicine packaging solutions.
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Partnership areas

Modular cleanrooms


Prefabricated autonomous cleanrooms enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to quickly establish fill-finish operations, due to their scalability and mobility. Vanrx’s Aseptic Filling Workcells are an excellent fit because of the machines’ small sizes. A full Vanrx line, including lyophilization, can be installed in a modular cleanroom.

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Vanrx’s Lyophilizer Loader Workcell is an add-on machine that can be designed to interact with lyophilizers from different manufacturers. The Lyo Loader automates the process of transferring products in and out of the freeze dryer, providing a superior level of aseptic control and assurance. The use of nested components prevents product breakage issues.

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Design consultancies


Vanrx encourages design consultancies to reach out to us. Our innovative sterile filling products, and process development and manufacturing expertise can support an effective facility design for your client and simplify your own design processes. Our Aseptic Filling Workcells have shorter lead times than conventional filling lines.