Cutting-Edge Pharmaceutical Filling Technology

All of our systems are equipped with the latest in innovative aseptic processing technology. Our aseptic filling workcells use isolated robotics to fill vials, syringes, and cartridges.

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Aseptic Filling Workcell

The SA25 is ideal for:

  • Flexible Clinical Production
  • Multi-Product Commercial Manufacturing
  • Cytotoxic / High Potency Products
  • Oxygen-Sensitive Products

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Lyophilizer Interface

Aseptic Processing Workcells

The lyophilizer interface modules:

  • Robotically load and unload freeze-dryers
  • Eliminate glass-to-glass contact
  • Stopper and seal vials at the end of the cycle
  • De-nest and singulate vials

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Superior Return on Investment

Vanrx offers integrated aseptic filling workcells that will reduce your pharmaceutical filling costs. If you would like to calculate costs with your own numbers, we can provide you with a return-on-investment spreadsheet.

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