Pharmaceutical primary packaging partnerships for nested vials, syringes and cartridges, stoppers, plungers and press-fit closures.

Collaboration for speed to market

Vanrx has partnered with leading pharmaceutical packaging suppliers to help our common customers bring drug products to market faster. Compatibility between nested pharmaceutical components and filling systems is critical to product quality and flexibility.

The Matrix Alliance for nested containers and closures

Next-generation drugs require perfectly aligned manufacturing processes and packaging solutions. This led Vanrx to join with ARaymondlife, Daikyo Seiko, Datwyler Group, Ompi, Schott AG, Schott Kaisha, and SiO2 Medical Products to form the Matrix Alliance.

The Alliance’s mission is to bring to market complete and compelling solutions for pharmaceutical packaging. These include nested vials, syringes, cartridges, stoppers, caps, and aseptic filling machines.

Matrix Alliance members collaborate in four key areas:

  • Testing of new pre-sterilized container and nested closure systems for parenteral (injectable) medicines;
  • Ensuring the compatibility of components from different members;
  • Driving industry awareness of those solutions;
  • Collaborating on industry education regarding new medicine packaging solutions.

Matrix Alliance partner companies

Certainty of performance and compatibility

Pharmaceutical companies require greater certainty in the performance and compatibility of components. After conducting extensive compatibility testing, Vanrx and other Matrix Alliance members announce a “Product Set.” This assures pharmaceutical companies of the compatibility and performance of the container, closure (stopper / plunger or press-fit closure) and the Vanrx filling machine. Product Sets are only announced when all parts of the Set are commercially available and have compatibility data available from the suppliers.

With greater certainty, new products or added production capacity can reach the market faster.

Read about how Matrix Alliance Product Sets accelerate drugs to market

Product availability and CCIT data

The Matrix Alliance members are willing to share information about product availability and container-closure integrity testing (CCIT). Alliance members have information about upcoming products, and can take special requests into their organizations for consideration. Use the contact form below to get in touch today! 

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