Closed robotic workcells are gloveless isolator systems used for aseptic filling of sterile injectable drug product into vials, syringes and cartridges.

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Your science is unique but your filling machine doesn’t need to be. Say goodbye to the headaches and delays of customized systems. Let Vanrx take the risk out of aseptic filling with one of our standardized workcells.

Whatever your manufacturing needs, a Vanrx Aseptic Filling Workcell can handle it.

Our Products

Vanrx Aseptic Filling Workcells reduce risk and bring sterile injectables to patients faster.

  • Robotic handling, filling and closing
  • Fully integrated isolator and filling machinery
  • Sources of risk designed out of the aseptic process
  • Nested vials, syringes, cartridges and closures
  • Single-use flow paths and consumables
  • Extremely fast changeover
The Microcell Vial Filler is a vial filling machine used to manufacture personalized medicines and perform drug development.

Microcell Vial Filler

Vial filling for small-scale commercial drug products, personalized medicines and clinical trial supplies.

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Cytiva SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell for filling pharmaceutical vials, syringes, and cartridges.

SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell

Vial, syringe and cartridge filling flexibility.

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The SA25 Liquid / Lyo System adds the capacity for drug product lyophilization as well as aseptic liquid filling.

SA25 Liquid / Lyo System

Add lyophilization capability to your SA25.

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