Robotic systems for sterile injectable manufacturing

Vanrx Aseptic Filling Workcells provide a common platform of integrated robotic filling systems within gloveless isolators. By choosing Vanrx, pharmaceutical companies can accelerate liquid or lyophilized drug products to market from early product development through commercial production. Vanrx’s technology platform was built by biopharma experts to enable flexibility, scalability and robust aseptic processes.

Vanrx SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell

SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcells provide scalable, flexible filling capacity for sterile injectable manufacturing. The SA25 is ideally scaled for late clinical and commercial production of sterile injectables. As a standard design, SA25 Workcells can move from purchase order through to installation and validation in 12 months or less.

The SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell is a gloveless robotic isolator. Robots perform all of the material handling, filling and closing activities within a completely closed isolator. The SA25 can fill nested syringes, vials and cartridges, and change formats in less than one hour.

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Vanrx Microcell Vial Filler

The Microcell is a vial filling machine that can help bring drug products to market faster by providing cost-effective, flexible filling capacity.

The Vanrx Microcell is a fully integrated gloveless robotic isolator for pharmaceutical vial filling that can be used to make clinical trial supplies and develop new products. Its production scale is ideal for aseptic filling of cell and gene therapies and other  personalized medicines.

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Vanrx Liquid / Lyo Workcell System

The Vanrx Liquid / Lyo Workcell System is a robotic filling and lyophilizer loading line. It can process vials, syringes or cartridges into liquid or freeze-dried drug product formats.

The Vanrx ‘full line’ is designed to be compatible with lyophilizers from several manufacturers, and can process liquid dosages simultaneous to lyophilization cycles.

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Vial Filling

Gloveless robotic isolators for vials of clinical trial supplies and commercial drug products

Syringe Filling

Gloveless robotic isolators for filling drug products into pre-filled syringes (PFS)

Cartridge Filling

Gloveless robotic isolators for pharmaceutical cartridge filling for auto-injectors

Product servicing, qualification and validation

Vanrx subject matter experts provide a full suite of services to our customers.

  • Full installation service

    Skilled Vanrx technicians ensure fast, comprehensive system installation and training.

  • Global remote and on-site service

    Service plans that provide 24-hour remote service and on-site service within guaranteed timelines.

  • Decontamination cycle development

    Vapour-phase hydrogen peroxide decontamination cycle development

  • Consumables and spare parts

    Full inventory of consumables (single-use), multi-use components and spare parts.

  • IQ / OQ / PQ / Validation

    Custom qualification and validation service, or a standard process can be supplied for customer use.

Vanrx technicians produce Aseptic Filling Workcells, a standard small-scale flexible aseptic filling machine at the company's headquarters in Vancouver.