Photo of an operator using a single use bioreactor. Biopharmaceutical manufacturers can benefit from using robotic vial filling machines to make clinical trial supplies.

Faster to market for biopharmaceuticals

You need aseptic filling capacity for new products to continue their journey to the market.

The Vanrx Microcell Vial Filler provides the easiest and most cost-effective way to add vial filling capacity. Flexibly develop new products and formulations, and produce clinical trial supplies using the Microcell.

Alternatives for clinical vial filling

All of the current paths to clinical vial filling have aseptic assurance, cost or flexibility disadvantages.

Small-scale filling

Long project timelines and high costs as you integrate filling equipment and a biosafety cabinet, RABs or isolator from different providers. Aseptic assurance problems remain with these options.

Contract manufacturing

Your company pays high prices for vial filling, method and technology transfer. It can be a struggle to schedule small-batch runs, so you lose control of achieving milestones.

The Microcell Solution

The Vanrx Microcell vial filling machine addresses the need for speed to market and a robust aseptic filling process. Since the machine comes fully integrated from a single provider, companies will not have the integration headaches and expense of combining the aseptic barrier and filling machinery. On top of that, its gloveless robotic design provides better aseptic assurance.

With your own clinical scale vial filling capacity, you can control your own schedule.

Key Features

  • Vial / dosage flexibility

    Fills the full range of ISO vial sizes from 2R to 50R, and fill volumes from 0.1 mL to 50 mL.

  • Gloveless robotic isolator

    The gloveless approach is the best aseptic assurance available, with the operator having minimal interaction with the filling and capping process. There are no glove ports on the Microcell, as the reasons for intervention have been designed out of the system. 

  • Nested pre-sterilized vials and press-fit closures

    Using ready-to-use vials and press-fit closures lessens the time, difficulty and expense of adding aseptic filling capacity.

  • Single use product contact materials

    Prevent cross-contamination and support flexibility with single-use filling needles, flow paths and product bags.

Therapeutic flexibility

There is no limit to the type of therapies that can be filled in the Microcell. Biologics, small molecule, cytotoxic, ADCs and viral therapies are all possibilities. The Microcell’s gloveless isolator technology keeps the operator safe, even if the drug product is toxic. Single-use consumables prevent cross-contamination.

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