Single-use flow path and filling needle for filling vials, syringes and cartridges.

Single-use filling consumables.

You’re driven to make safe, high quality drug products for your company’s patients.

Vanrx supports your goal with an ecosystem of single-use flow paths, product bags, filling needles and environmental monitoring supplies for use with our systems. Standardize or customize, your choice.


Vanrx can supply single-use needle assemblies and flow paths to reduce drug product cross-contamination.

You have a choice!

Most Vanrx customers choose single-use needle assemblies and flow paths due to their many benefits–reduced infrastructure, no drug product cross-contamination and fast batch turnover.

But that’s not your only option. Vanrx can supply multi-use needle assemblies that can be paired with ready-to-use flow paths for assembly and sterilization at your site.

It’s your choice. You’re in control.

The Vanrx Dynamic Peristaltic Pump is part of the ecosystem of consumables and technology that enable a closed aseptic process.

Everything you need

There’s an entire ecosystem of consumables ready to suit the specific needs of your drug product. Vanrx designs flow paths, filling needles and product bags around our proprietary technologies, such as the Vanrx Dynamic Peristaltic Pump, that enable a closed aseptic process.

The fully integrated design of gloveless isolator, robotic aseptic process and single-use consumables is the best path to reducing risk and increasing repeatability in your operations.

Vanrx single-use consumables are designed to minimize product loss and assure sterility in the aseptic process.

Standardize or customize

Customers can choose from standard designs that suit the majority of drug product filling requirements, or customize with their own selection of filters, tubing, etc.

The design parameters of Vanrx consumables minimize product loss and assure sterility in the process.