Introducing the Microcell POD

In collaboration with G-CON Manufacturing, Vanrx has developed the Microcell POD, the first and only turnkey facility for aseptic filling of advanced therapies. Comprised of a Vanrx Microcell Vial Filler installed inside a G-CON Prefabricated Cleanroom POD, the Microcell POD supports both companies’ missions of providing solutions that bring drug products to market faster.

The turnkey design and minimal lead time of the Microcell POD makes it quick and simple to install providing the perfect solution for companies looking to:

  • Fill personalized medicines / Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)
  • Start their own filling facility
  • Manufacture clinical trial supplies


Customer Experience

Microcell POD
  • Turnkey facility

    The only fully integrated, pre-qualified, pre-installed aseptic filling facility with the ability to be shipped globally.

  • Speed to market

    Bring drug products to market faster with a lead time of just 3 months.

  • Agility and scalability

    Unrivalled agility in operations allows for flexibility, scalability and increased capacity without interrupting existing processes.

  • Simple set-up

    Provides pharmaceutical filling cleanroom space in any structure as simple as a climate-controlled warehouse.

Microcell POD Specifications

 Outer POD dimensions  12 x 50 x 13.5ft
 Interior POD sq. footage  389 sq. ft.
 *POD utilities
  • Electric power
  • Chilled water
  • Make up air
  • Clean compressed air
 Cleanroom grade  Grade C
 Architectural  uPVC walls/ceilings
 Automation  PLC system
 Lighting  LED

What is a Microcell POD?

G-CON PODs are prefabricated containment cleanroom systems that are readily deployable, flexible, mobile and scalable.  PODs require very little infrastructure to operate. They can sit in space as simple as a warehouse only requiring power and in some instances water to operate as a fully qualified cleanroom. Due to integrated air bearings, PODs can easily be relocated, scaled out or repurposed when the production process reaches the end of its lifecycle.

As a standard and compact filling machine, the Microcell Vial Filler is an ideal addition to the cleanroom POD to create a turnkey aseptic filling facility.

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