Vanrx employees provide expert manufacturing and maintenance support for our customers.

Service on your schedule.

When you need help, Vanrx will give you a prompt response and work toward a fast resolution.

It’s as simple as that.

Since Vanrx makes standardized machines—no one-offs—you’re guaranteed to receive great long-term product and spare parts support.


The experienced Vanrx technical services team works side-by-side with customers through FAT, SAT and validation protocols.

We’ve done this before

An experienced technical services team works side-by-side with you following your purchase. Our FAT, SAT and validation protocols are proven thanks to standardized machine designs.

System prices are inclusive through SAT and include a standard validation package. Customers can choose to customize their validation strategy and get Vanrx’s help with other activities including VHP cycle development.

Standardized machine designs allow for regular preventative maintenance and spare part inventory to keep thinks running smoothly.

Preventative maintenance and spare parts

With standardized machine designs, we have experience with the required preventative maintenance needs of each machine.

We are constantly building the same workcells and maintain a comprehensive inventory of all spare parts, meaning you get them faster.

Remote control is available to troubleshoot issues that arrive quickly and efficiently.

Remote control

System issues can be resolved by Vanrx’s engineering team logging into your Workcell remotely and helping you troubleshoot any issues.