SiO2 Medical Products joins Matrix Alliance with 2/6/10mL vials
Vanrx and SiO2 Medical Products announce SiO2 is joining the Matrix Alliance. Picture of nested SiO2 vials in a Vanrx SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell.

SiO2 Medical Products joins the Matrix Alliance to assist pharma companies in bringing new therapies to market faster

April 24, 2018 - Matrix Alliance, News

VANCOUVER, CANADA and AUBURN, ALABAMA – April 25, 2018 –Vanrx Pharmasystems and SiO2 Medical Products, Inc. (SMP) are announcing that SMP is joining the Matrix Alliance. 

Peter Sagona, senior vice president, applications development at SMP said: “SMP is very pleased to work with Vanrx and the other Matrix Alliance members to commercialize our unique packaging solutions that combine the favourable qualities of glass and plastic. This new and patented coating system provides the durability and dimensional consistency of plastics, with the oxygen barrier properties, low extractables, and pH stability of silica glass. SMP’s array of sterilized packaging products, including our 2, 6, and 10 mL vials incorporating the coating technology, readily integrate into Vanrx filling machines and are compatible with the closure systems from our Matrix Alliance partners.”

In joining the Matrix Alliance, SMP will collaborate with other member companies on pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging technologies in four key areas:

  • Testing of pre-sterilized container and nested closure systems for parenteral (injectable) medicines;
  • Ensuring the compatibility of components from different members;
  • Driving industry awareness of those solutions; and
  • Collaborating on industry education regarding new primary packaging solutions.

Vanrx’s vice president of marketing, Greg Speakman, said: “Vanrx is pleased to welcome SiO2 Medical Products to the Matrix Alliance.  We look forward to the collaboration between Vanrx, SMP and all the Alliance members that will ensure compatibility between members’ products so that we can collectively support our common customers to bring their new therapies to market faster.”

Media & Product Information Contacts

Peter Sagona
Senior Vice President, Applications Development
SiO2 Medical Products, Inc.
Phone: +1.610.635.1202

Eric Petz
Senior Marketing Manager
Vanrx Pharmasystems
Phone: +1.778.228.4177

About the Matrix Alliance:

A leading group of suppliers to the pharmaceutical packaging industry founded the Matrix Alliance in 2016 with a mission to bring to market complete and compelling solutions of nest, stopper, cap and filling machinery to accelerate the rate of adoption of new breakthrough medicines. Each member brings unique knowledge and experience to their markets as well as established reputations for delivery of industry leading products. As part of the Alliance, members will collaborate on and leverage the testing and certification of their combined offerings, joint marketing, industry and member education, technology and product initiatives. The membership of the Matrix Alliance includes ARaymondlife, Daikyo Seiko, Datwyler, Ompi, SCHOTT, SCHOTT KAISHA, and SiO2 Medical Products.

About SiO2 Medical Products, Inc.

SiO2 Medical Products, Inc. manufactures vials, pre-filled syringes, cartridges, and other pharmaceutical packaging, as well as labware and consumables, with improved performance and consistency. The company’s pharmaceutical packaging containers are precision molded from medical-grade plastics and the inside surface has a thin, transparent silicon-based barrier coating system. The containers combine the durability of plastic with the barrier properties of high purity glass. For more information, visit

About Vanrx Pharmasystems

Vanrx Pharmasystems makes the most technologically advanced sterile filling solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Vanrx fill-finish machines use isolated robotics and machine vision to automate the packaging of injectable drugs into nested vials, syringes, or cartridges. The company was founded by pharmaceutical industry veterans to create the systems needed to make the next generation of innovative therapies. For more information, visit

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