Robotic components inside of the SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell

Speed to market and flexibility

Vanrx was started by people responsible for manufacturing complex biologics. They reinvented aseptic filling, knowing pharma companies would need improved speed to market and flexibility.

We understand the science and process behind your products–development, formulation, filling–and we’re designing for what is coming next.

Bring drug products to market faster

Innovators, generic or biosimilar companies, and contract manufacturers can all build filling capacity faster with Vanrx. The flexibility of our systems will have your operations ready for whatever comes down the pipeline.

Vanrx Aseptic Workcells are standard designs that can be built, installed and validated in under a year. Companies can shorten their time to market, including process development and tech transfer. Workcells are highly programmable, allowing additional products to come online faster.

A New Paradigm for Manufacturing Injectables

How Aseptic Filling Workcells will change your operations.

Manufacturing Injectables in the Multiplex

A "big picture" look at manufacturing strategies for speed to market and flexibility.

Aseptic Filling for Personalized Medicines

Highly agile technologies for filling of personalized medicines like cell and gene therapies.

Flexibility for a multi-product portfolio

The pharma market is increasingly focused on therapies targeted at small patient populations. More clinical candidates are emerging thanks to drug development technologies. Flexibility is more important, since there are both more clinical candidates and commercial products being launched.

An SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell can fill nested vials, syringes or cartridges, with fast changeover times enabling more than one product to be made each day. Workcells are suitable for clinical and commercial production.

Vanrx Workcells were designed for the production of 2-30 drugs on a single machine. Therapies that require a higher level of aseptic assurance or isolation, such as biologics and viral or cytotoxic therapies, are ideal for a Workcell.



Bring filling in-house

Many innovator companies outsource their filling activities, but complain about scheduling smaller batches and production standards.

Vanrx Workcells are the best choice for bringing filling operations in-house, since they are agile enough to handle small batches and have superior aseptic assurance. They are cost-effective across all areas–purchase cost, labor, construction, utilities and energy.

Lead times that can have Workcells installed in under a year will have your company reaching revenue faster. Our past experience in running filling lines will speed our process development and ease the transition of bringing activities in-house.


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Become an agile contract manufacturer

Customers are demanding smaller batches for products that have more complex production requirements. As a CMO, your company wants to be a partner selected on the basis of its skill in manufacturing complex therapies.

Vanrx Workcells provide significant control and versatility in manufacturing complex products in both clinical and commercial quantities. A Workcell can produce vials, syringes and cartridges, including those for novel injector devices. The programmability of Vanrx systems ensure you can provide a highly repeatable aseptic filling service. Vanrx systems deliver higher uptime and asset utilization.

When your initial Vanrx investment proves successful, our standard designs will enable you to scale quickly to meet additional demand.


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Vanrx Case Studies

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Designing for what's next

Vanrx was the first aseptic filling manufacturer to take full advantage of technologies like robotics and machine vision, and the company invented the gloveless isolator. More than 30 novel inventions are in the SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell alone.

Filling machine companies with longer histories may now follow our designs, or add robotics to their existing technologies. Vanrx’s uniqueness in having actually made biologics will enable us to deliver a portfolio of Workcell products that meet the current and future needs of our customers.

Customers can choose Vanrx knowing that we are continuing to improve existing systems, and designing for the therapies coming next.

Tools for pharma experts

Imagine systems where you have total control over the process. The whole process of aseptic filling has been re-thought to avoid the problems of conventional aseptic filling machines.

You can focus on designing and running a robust process to fill and close therapies under the tightest aseptic control available. The integration of new technologies by Vanrx’s pharmaceutical manufacturing experts creates tools that make your job easier.

Customers visiting Vanrx for factory acceptance tests marvel at what they can do with our Workcells, extending from process development and tech transfer through to full-scale production. By remaining deeply connected in the industry, the company continues to develop new tools to meet the changing needs of pharmaceutical companies.