Management team

Vanrx's management team has deep experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and building high-growth technology companies.

Ross Gold

General Manager & Director, Technical Services

Ross’ experience in the design, development, and fabrication of novel pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, including automation systems, has guided the development of Vanrx’s Aseptic Filling Workcells. He has held the same position as many of Vanrx’s customers—being responsible for the planning and execution of capital projects and process technical transfers.

Steve Pratt, VP Engineering at Vanrx

Steve Pratt

Head of Engineering

Steve brings to Vanrx a breadth of technical and managerial product development leadership experience including substantial expertise in the design and manufacture of high-quality, innovative and industry-leading products. Over his career Steve has helped companies to achieve high performance results by focusing on the development of product, process and people.

John Harmer, VP Marketing at Vanrx

John Harmer

Head of Sales & Marketing

After more than 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, John has experience in just about every aspect of drug development and manufacturing. In addition to aseptic filling, he has worked in API production and process development, device development, clinical trial logistics, and regulatory submissions for novel therapeutics. John understands the timelines and challenges of the drug development process and is a valuable technical resource for Vanrx’s customers.

Myles Degenstein

Head of Finance

Myles has significant financial leadership and corporate development experience with high-growth technology companies. His financial management and strategic acumen has enabled the international commercialization of new technologies with both private and publicly-listed companies.

Neil Fulgueras

Head of Operations

Neil has been with Vanrx Pharmasystems since 2015 and has had multiple roles within Operations. He has more than 12 years of leadership experience in manufacturing operations, in both high-complexity and high-volume production environments. Neil brings his operational intelligence, strategic acumen and people-centric leadership skills to lead Vanrx’s growth.

Zak Shewchuk, Manager Human Resources and Information Technology

Zak Shewchuk

Head of HR & IT

Zak has a background in IT for the financial services industry, as well as agency recruiting. Having joined Vanrx at an early stage, he has gained working knowledge of growing an organization from startup through to commercialization. His hybrid role enables a lean team to support changing needs as the company expands.